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Submitted by blacksedan87 (Arizona) on  (6/14/09)


For model years 2001 through 2004:


1SA was the standard package.
1SB was the Preferred Equipment Group for the coupe and convertible, it consisted of HUD, power telescoping steering column, auto-dimming mirrors, memory package and twilight sentinel.

Sport seats with adjustable side bolsters and lumbar was standard equipment. FWIW - chrome wheels were never offered as a factory option on any C5. If you have them, then they are either aftermarket replicas or someone has had the factory thinspokes chromed in the aftermarket - which is fairly common. Chances are that you have the high polished wheels RPO QF5.

The 1SC package for the coupe and the convertible was the Commemorative Package which gave you the Shale Interior and trim, and the LeMans Blue paint, in addition to the special 24hrs du LeMans badging.

The 1SB package was a $1,200 option that was installed on 9334 convertibles.
The 1SC package was a $3,700 option on 2659 convertibles.


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154 Trim Combination, Leather, Shale (50th Anniversary)
193 Trim Combination, Leather, Black
194 Trim Combination, Leather, Yellow (Pace Car)
673 Trim Combination, Leather, Light Oak
703 Trim Combination, Leather, Torch Red
704 Trim Combination, Leather, Modified Torch Red(Z06)
923 Trim Combination, Leather, Light Gray/Pewter
943 Trim Combination, Leather, Firethorn Red

15I Interior Trim, Shale (50th Anniversary)
19I Interior Trim, Black
67I Interior Trim, Light Oak
70I Interior Trim, Torch Red
92I Interior Trim, Light Gray
94I Interior Trim, Firethorn Red

10T Top Color, Convertible, White
16T Top Color, Convertible, Bright White
41T Top Color, Convertible, Black
54T Top Color, Convertible, Shale (50th Anniversary)
67T Top Color, Convertible, Light Oak

10U Primary Color, Exterior, Artic White
11U Primary Color, Exterior, Light Pewter Metallic
12U Primary Color, Exterior, Quicksilver Metallic
13U Primary Color, Exterior, Sebring Silver Metallic
19U Primary Color, Exterior, LeMans Blue (1SC Commemorative Package only-2004)
21U Primary Color, Exterior, Pace Car Purple(Z4Z - MY1998 Only)
21U Primary Color, Exterior, Electron Blue (MY2002 - )
23U Primary Color, Exterior, Nassau Blue Metallic
28U Primary Color, Exterior, Navy Blue Metallic
40U Primary Color, Exterior, Speedway White
41U Primary Color, Exterior, Black
53U Primary Color, Exterior, Light Carmine Red Metallic (Listed on the Build Sheet as Toreador Red - My favorite!)
58U Primary Color, Exterior, Aztec Gold
64U Primary Color, Exterior, Light Auburn Metallic(?)
70U Primary Color, Exterior, Torch Red
79U Primary Color, Exterior, Millennium Yellow with Tint Coat
82U Primary Color, Exterior, Star Black Metallic
86U Primary Color, Exterior, Magnetic Red (1999)/ Magnetic Red II (2000- )
87U Primary Color, Exterior, Fairway Green Metallic
88U Primary Color, Exterior, Spiral Gray Metallic
91U Primary Color, Exterior, Dark Bowling Green Metallic
94U Primary Color, Exterior, Anniversary Red (50th Anniversary)
95U Primary Color, Exterior, Medium Purple Pearl Metallic

1AY Stock Order Processing Code(replaced by SLM, circa 2001)
1AZ Order Modification Orders Sold(replaced by SLL, circa 2001)
1SA Standard Package Option 01

1SB Preferred Equipment Group 1 - Includes:

  • AAB Memory, Driver Convenience Package

  • AG2 Power Passenger seat

  • AQ9 Sport Seats

  • CJ2 HVAC System, Air Conditioning, Automatic Control

  • D42 Luggage Shade(Coupe)/Parcel Net

  • T96 Lamps, Fog

1SB Preferred Equipment Package (2003- ):

  • AAB Memory, Driver Convenience Package

  • DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors - Outside

  • DD8 Electrochromic Mirror - Inside

  • N37 Steering Column: Power Telescope Man. Tilt

  • T82 Headlamp Control, Automatic on/off (Twilight Sentinel)

  • UV6 Display, Heads Up

1SC Preferred Equipment Group 2 (prior to 2003) - Includes:

  • AAB Memory, Driver Convenience Package

  • AG2 Power Passenger seat

  • AQ9 Sport Seats

  • CJ2 HVAC System, Air Conditioning, Automatic Control

  • D42 Luggage Shade(Coupe)/Parcel Net

  • DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors - Outside

  • DD8 Electrochromic Mirror - Inside

  • N37 Steering Column: Power Telescope Man. Tilt

  • T82 Headlamp Control, Automatic on/off (Twilight Sentinel)

  • T96 Lamps, Fog

  • UV6 Display, Heads Up

1SC 50th Anniversary Package (2003) - Includes:

  • 54T Shale Convertible Top (Convertible only)

  • 15I Shale Two Tone Leather Trim

  • Z25 50th Anniversary Paint/Trim Package

  • QD4 50th Anniversary Aluminum Wheels

  • 94U 50th Anniversary Red Metallic Paint

  • AAB Drivers Memory Package

  • DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors - Outside

  • DD8 Electrochromic Mirror - Inside

  • F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control

  • N37 Steering Column: Power Telescope Man. Tilt

  • T82 Headlamp Control, Automatic on/off (Twilight Sentinel)

  • UV6 Head Up Display


1SC Commemorative Package (2004) - Includes:

Options included in 1SB

Corvette Commemorative Package

1SZ Preferred Equipment Savings Group
8RC Electronic processing option

A4G Override Option of Canadian Requirement
AAB Memory, Driver Convenience Package
AG1 Power Driver Seat (Hardtop)
AG2 Power Passenger seat
AK5 Inflatable Restraint System, Front Seat, Driver and Passenger
AN4 Restraint Provisions, Child
AP9 Parcel Net (Hardtop)
AQ9 Sport Seats
AR9 Base Seats
AX4 Conversion, Seat Belt, European

B3R Package, Interior Sport *Note 1
B34 Mat Covers (Floor Mats)
B4H Modification, Noise Control, Export
B84 Body Side Moldings
BAG Loose Parts Bag, Export
BCC Cylinder Unit Passenger Door
BGR Bowling Green Plant Processing

C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels (CC3+CF7) (Coupe)
C60 HVAC System, Air Conditioning, Manual Control
CC3 Removable Roof Panel, Blue Tint (Coupe)
CF7 Removable Roof Panel, Nontransparent (Coupe)
CJ2 HVAC System, Air Conditioning, Automatic Control


European Exports

from Manny Jägerfeld Corvette Magasinet

"Most European stock orders, and blind stock, will have CT1,
since the GM import harbor and enormously huge 'stock ware houses'
are in Antwerpen in Belgium. Every third car has it over here,
besides those actually ordered for customers in Belgium."

"Those actually ordered in Belgium are mostly ordered NOT by
Belgians but rather by other European national officials working
within the EEC government in Brussels. They have some tax-free deal there.
When they go home after their legislated period of time the car will
eventually end up in the respective country, as la France, Germany, Sweden
and all the others."

"Many of these will end up in the States likely one day, its just a matter of years."

CT1 Country Code, Belgium (Export)
CT2 Country Code, Austria (Export)
CT3 Country Code, Germany (Export)
CT4 Country Code, Luxemburg (Export)
CT5 Country Code, The Netherlands (Export)
CT6 Country Code, Italy (Export)
CT7 Country Code, Denmark (Export)
CT8 Country Code, Portugal (Export)
CT9 Country Code, Spain (Export)
CU1 Country Code, Norway (Export)
CU2 Country Code, Finland (Export)
CU3 Country Code, France (Export)
CU4 Country Code, Sweden (Export)
CU5 Country Code, Switzerland (Export)
CU7 Country Code, Kuwait (Export)
CU8 Country Code, Saudi Arabia (Export)
CU9 Country Code, England (Export)
CV1 Country Code, Iceland (Export)
CV3 Country Code, Mexico (Export)
CV5 Country Code, Japan (Export)
CW2 Country Code, Gulf States (Export)
CO5 Roof, Convertible Folding

D28 Mirror, Outside, Rearview, Delete
D42 Luggage Shade(Coupe)/Parcel Net
DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors - Outside
DD8 Electrochromic Mirror - Inside
DL5 Decal, Roadside Service Information
DL8 LH/RH Heated Sport Mirrors

E45 Cover, Convertible Top, Protective
EXP Export, N.A.E.S.

F45 Chassis, Selective Real Time Damping
F55 Continuously Variable Electronic Real Time Damping Suspension by Delphi (Whew!)
FE1 Base Suspension
FE3 Suspension System, Sport (part of Z51)
FE4 Suspension System, Z06
FE9 Certification, Federal Emission
FFS Revised Fuel Tank System (2003/2004)

G90 Axle, Rear, 3.15 Ratio
G92 Axle, Rear, Performance Ratio
GU2 Axle, Rear, 2.73 Ratio
GU6 Axle, Rear, 3.42 Ratio

IL2 Trim, Interior Design(Z15 Commemorative)
IL3 Trim, Interior Design(L3) (Base w/AQ9)
IL4 Trim, Interior Design(L4) (Z4Z - 1998 Indy Pace Car)
IP3 Trim, Interior Design(P3) (Base w/AR9)
IP4 Trim, Interior Design(P4) (Hardtop/Z06)

JAG ABS Location
JL4 Active Handling system
JL9 Brake System, Power, Front & Rear Disc, Antilock

K63 Generator 110 Amp
KG3 Generator 145 Amp - This was, at first, believed to be misspelled K63, but it is a valid code.
K05 Heater, Engine Block (Canada)
K29 Module, Powertrain Control (Non-OBD II, Unleaded)
KDR Special Handling, Delivery

LS1 Engine, Gas, 8 Cylinder, 5.7L SFI Alum (VIN G)
LS6 Engine, Gas, 8 Cylinder, 5.7L SFI Alum 385 hp (w/2001 RPO Z06)

M12 Transmission, Manual 6-speed,(part of RPO Z06)
M30 Transmission, Automatic, 4-speed, 4L60-E, Electronic
MAE Marketing Area, Europe
MAG Marketing area Gulf State organizations
MAU Marketing Area, Unregulated
MM6 Transmission, Manual 6-speed, Borg Warner
MN6 Merchandised Transmission, Manual 6-speed Provisions
MX0 Merchandised Transmission, Automatic O/D Provisions

N37 Steering Column: Power Telescope Man. Tilt
N73 Wheels, Custom Sport, Magnesium
NA3 Emission System, Japan
NA7 Emission System, European
NB6 Emission System, California, Tier 1
NB8 Emission System, CA/Northeast Emission Override
NC1 Emission System, California, LEV
NC7 Emission System, Unleaded Fuel(Export)
NF2 Emission System, Federal, Tier 1
NF7 Emission System, Federal, Label
NG1 Emission System, Northeastern States
NK4 Steering Wheel, Sport Leather
NM2 Emission System, Export, Leaded Fuel
NM8 Leaded Fuel System, Compatible
NN5 Emission Overide, California System, Federal Offset Vehicle
NP7 Steering Column, EEC Approved
NT3 Emission System EEC 00
NT9 Emission System Federal, Tier 2 Phaseout
NV7 Steering, Power, Variable Effort

P12 Wheel, Painted (Z06)
PA6 Wheel, Styled, Painted

QD4 Standard Aluminum Wheels
QG1 Standard Aluminum Wheels (new style mid year 2000)
QE1 Aluminum Wheels (Z06)
QF3 Wheels, 17x8.5 Front + 18.0x9.5 Rear Aluminum, w/ Special Offset
QF5 Polished Aluminum Wheels

R6M New Jersey Cost Surcharge(Req'd in New Jersey)
R7A Control Sales Item 26 Processing Option
R7C Dealer Authorizes Order Release (no further changes)
R7K Control Sales Item 36 Processing Option
R8C National Corvette Museum Delivery
R8T Control Sales Item 69 Processing Option
R9U Control - Sales Item #95
R9Z Control - Sales Item #100
RPA Rear Parking Assist

SLL Order Modification Orders Sold(replaced 1AZ, circa 2001)
SLM Stock Order Processing Code(replaced 1AY, circa 2001)

T2F European Brake Provisions
T62 Light, Daytime Running - Delete
T82 Headlamp Control, Automatic on/off (Twilight Sentinel)
T84 Headlamps, RH Rule of Road
T85 Headlamps, LH Rule of Road
T89 Lamps, Tail, Stop & Turn, Export
T90 Lamps, Signaling & Marker, Front
T93 Lamps, Tail, Stop & Turn, Special
T96 Lamps, Fog
TR9 Lighting Package (Hardtop)

U1S Changer, Remote Compact Disc
U19 Instrument Cluster, Metric (Canadian, Export)
U52 Instrument Cluster, Electronic
U73 Antenna, Fixed, Radio (FRC)
U75 Antenna, Power, Radio (Convertible)
UD4 Overspeed Warning, 120 km/h
UK1 Radio Frequencies, Japanese
UL0 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Cassette (Base Radio MY1997 - MY2001)
UL2 Radio Frequencies, European
UN0 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Compact Disc(Base Radio MY2002)
UQ5 Speaker System, 4, Dual Front Door, Dual Quarter Mounted
UV6 Display, Heads Up
UV7 Windshield Antenna
UZ6 Speaker System, 6, Quad Front Door Mounted, Dual Quarter Mounted

V41 Kit Accessory
V49 License Plate Frame, Front
V73 Vehicle Statement, US/Canada
V76 Tow Hooks
V78 Vehicle Statement, Delete
V87 Vehicle Statement, Gulf States
VB1 Label, Shipping, Japan
VC5 Label, Shipping, Except US/Japan
VD1 Provision Options, Europe
VDC Vehicle Information CD, Customer Orientation
VE1 Provision Options, Japan
VE3 Label, Battery Disposal
VG1 Protector, Transit Coating, Underhood
VG6 Label, Information - Bumper Impact
VG8 Label, Information - Notice to buyer, Emissions
VG9 Protector, Transit Coating, Exterior Body
VH5 Plate,Vehicle Identification
VJ4 Child Seat Warning Label
VL4 License Plate Mounting Package, Front, EEC
VL7 Bumper Impact Information Label (NY state)
VM3 Label Information, consumer contains BPR IMP Standard
VT1 Document EEC Certification of Conformity Europe-Russia-Japan(used 1997-1998)

"WD Codes"
Reserved for future model year vehicles built during current year's production. Also known as "alpha", "beta" and "pilot" cars.
WD1 "Pilot Vehicle"
WD2 "Factory Prototype"
WDO "Containment Vehicle"

XFW Tire, Front, P265/40R17 (Z06)
XGG Tire, Front, P245/45ZR17 BW TL SBR HW4, EMT
XMC Tire, Front, P245/45ZR17 BW TL SBR HW4

YF5 California Emissions
YFU Tire, Rear, P295/35R18 (Z06)
YGH Tire, Rear, P275/40ZR18 BW TL SBR HW4, EMT
YME Tire, Rear, P275/40ZR18 BW TL SBR HW4

Z06 Merchandised Pkg., (1YY37) Special Performance Hardtop
Z4Z Merchandised Pkg., Indy Pace Car
Z19 Performance Package
Z25 50th Anniversary Package (2003)
Z31 Price Sheet Advance, Processing Option - Canadian
Z49 Modifications, Canadian, Mandatory Base Equipment
Z5X Mirror Provisions, Arabic Language
Z51 Performance Package, Handling
ZR6 Special Unit - Show Car
ZCA Engine Suffix code: LS6-Manual M12 Transmission
ZCB Engine Suffix code: LS1-Automatic Transmission
ZCD Engine Suffix code: LS1-Manual Transmission

*Note 1: Unconfirmed. May be early C4 RPO


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